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Hotels In Nairobi – Pampering Guests With Recreational Facilities

Every year thousands of visitors descend upon the airport in Nairobi to partake of the many delights that the East African country of Kenya has to offer. Some come here to strike multi-million dollar business deals in one of the most vibrant economies in the region. Others come here with their friends and families to take a sightseeing tour of the vast savannah where lion and zebra roam freely.

To cater to the vast traffic that passes through the country every year, many hotels in Nairobi have come up. They range in all styles and classes to suit the whims and fancies of every traveller. There are medium range hotels, inexpensive budget hotels and lavish five-star hotels. No matter how much money the traveller has in his pocket, he will find that there is a hotel that conforms to his requirements.

The large five-star hotels understand that their elite guests want to be pampered in the class and style that they are used to. Elite visitors pay a lot of money to book a room in such hotels. Naturally, they expect the standard to be as high as the room rates. So what do these hotels do? The first thing they do is to make sure that the rooms in the hotel are adorned with the most elegant furniture possible. Then they ensure that the dining is of the highest standard.

But luxury hotels in Nairobi understand that they have to go out of their way if they have to distinguish themselves from the competition. They have to provide services that go beyond the expectations of the visitor. They choose to use their creativity to arrange a wide range of recreational activities for the benefit of their guests.

1. The hotels are invariably equipped with a fine swimming pool. Parents can teach their kids to swim here. The whole family can bask in the waters. After a refreshing dip, they can even have their breakfast or lunch on the pool deck.

2. The hotels arrange outings for their guests. Everyone knows about the delights that the African wildlife has to offer. But there are many things to do inside the city as well. Nairobi has a railway museum that gives a fascinating account about the history of East African Railways. There are cultural villages that give an insight into the lives and traditions of African tribes. The concierge arranges all these outings and also tells the visitors what more they can do in the city.

3. Many hotels have excellent shopping facilities on their premises itself. Quite a few of these hotels are established in the heart of the city where some of the best shops are located. The locations are carefully chosen by the hotels so that their guests can combine entertainment and shopping during their stay at the hotel.

The list given above is just the tip of the iceberg. Each individual five-star hotel has its own unique amenities that separate it from the others in the field. These features add the extra touch that visitors are looking for in a world class hotel.

Discover the Best Chicago Hotels

When speaking of the largest city in Midwest United States and in Illinois, this refers to none other than Chicago. In fact, Chicago is considered as the third populous place in US. Aside from having a large populace, Illinois is also considered as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. There are many attractions that you can see in Chicago. Included in these attractions are financial hubs, nightlife and wonderful shopping spots.

Since Chicago will provide you with metropolitan-like experience, you will spend some sort of amount in terms of your accommodation. In connection with this, you have to learn some of the Chicago luxury hotels.

Four Seasons Hotel Chicago is the first of the best Chicago luxury hotels you can go to. This hotel will give you an access to the financial and business centers in the place. Moreover, you will certainly see so many breath taking views because this is located near Lake Michigan. Aside from being close to these landmarks, Four Seasons Hotel Chicago is also near to the party sites in the place. But of course, the services of Four Seasons Hotel Chicago are the best and your time in Chicago will be even more memorable.

Peninsula Hotel Chicago is also an additional option for you when it comes to the possible Chicago luxury hotels you can spend your vacation time in. You are certainly lucky when you check in to Peninsula Hotel Chicago because this will provide you with cutting edge hotel accommodation experience. Apart from that, you will be even more blessed because Peninsula Hotel Chicago is near the top tourist attractions in Chicago. In just several footsteps, you can easily find Michigan Avenue, Lake Michigan as well as the Water Tower. Peninsula Hotel Chicago offers a total of 399 luxury room with all the elements of convenience combined.

Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago, on the other hand, will offer you with modernized accommodation experience. If you will search testimonials of the previous tourists of Chicago, this is among the best Chicago luxury hotels ever. There are lots of amenities that you can use in Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago. Examples of these amenities are pools, gym as well as spacious suites. Moreover, Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago is also situated near the best and the hottest tourist attractions in the place. Examples of these fantastic views are Chicago Rover as well as Magnificent Mile. Truly, your experience with this luxury hotel will be memorable.