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Montreal Lebanese Restaurants – Get the Top Names

When it is about enjoying some fine Lebanese cuisines, Montreal restaurants offer few top names especially known for their quality service, reasonable rates to combine to a great dining experience. There is no doubt that Montreal Lebanese restaurants provide you a unique pleasure in dining with friends, family or with your partner.

Few Lebanese restaurants in Montreal even offer a host of entertainment facilities like live music and dancing to add to the charm of enjoying some phenomenal delicacies. No matter what time of the day you may choose to visit, but be sure to get the best dining in the Montreal Lebanese restaurants as always.

Here are some of the top-rated Lebanese restaurants in Montreal. And get to know what can be expected from them.


Dining at the Ezo promises a memorable experience. This Lebanese restaurant is popular for offering fine Lebanese delicacies and sea food specialties. It provides a huge variety of plates to provide true Lebanese styled dining.

When you choose it to satisfy your cravings for good food, you can be sure that Ezo will not be a disappointment. Their wide specialties include fresh grill, brochette, seafood, salads and meat. Not only this, the friendly and warm ambiance also adds to the charm of the terrific flavors which you get to taste here. Whether choosing to visit with family or friends or business colleagues, be sure to get charmed with their overall friendly service.


The Habibi restaurant in Downtown Montreal offers guests with excellent service and some delightful traditional Lebanese dishes prepared fresh. Their specialties include Fattouch, Taboule, Humus, Filet Mignon, Shrimps and Shish Taouk.Like most other popular Lebanese restaurants in Montreal, the restaurant offers great entertainment options. You will find live musicians and belly danseurs to offer great amusement to the crowd. On Fridays, live music starts from 11 pm onwards. On every Saturday, you can enjoy both belly dancing and live music from 11 pm.

The two floor of the restaurant offers a total of 150 seats. There is a private room and the private lounge offers 20 seats. The VIP lounge offers 40 seats. On the other hand, the terrace offers 50 seats. The first floor reception offers seating arrangements for 100 people.


Situated on Boulevard Dagenais in Laval, Restaurant Kabab allows you to discover the exotic flavors of the Lebanese grill. This Montreal Lebanese restaurant welcomes fans to enjoy some Eastern flavors in a beautiful and friendly ambiance. The restaurant staff is there to guide you to pick cuisine if you are not much familiar with the fragrant cuisine. The specialties of this Montreal restaurant are as follows- Merguez, Falafel, Brochettes, Fatouche, Taboule, Humus, Shawarma, Shish Taouk and Grill. You will also find live entertainment options on every Friday and Saturday. Lebanese dance music and belly dancers will add to the pastime.


The Daou restaurant is located across the Failon Street. The restaurant is known to serve some of the best home styled Lebanese cooking. Some of the best dishes on the menu list include chicken, ground meat, stuffed grape, minced lamb, shrimps, filet mignon and seasoned kababs. The restaurant also offers great catering service to their guests.

Mexican and Asian Cuisine – Which San Diego Restaurants Do it Best?

San Diego is one of the greatest restaurant hubs in the country. From fresh seafood and sushi to hearty steaks and tacos, this town surely has something to entice your palate. While many cuisines grace California’s shores, there are a few that stand out among the rest. Leaving famous steakhouses and Italian restaurants to Manhattaners, San Diegans have tapped into the rich flavors of two colorful cultures: Mexico and Japan.

For starters, Mexican cuisine runs rampant throughout San Diego, and most of the best Mexican style restaurants in the area are found in the southern half of the county, closest to Mexico.

Candelas on The Bay offers a beautiful view overlooking the Coronado Bay. Their food consists of Mexican city style cuisine, just like their sister restaurant located Downtown. The cuisine, the view, and the beachgoers walking by all create a wonderful atmosphere for your dining experience.

Achiote Restaurant is also located on Coronado Island. Moderate portions with beautiful presentations are served at this Mexican Restaurant. The old town style coupled with delicious menu items makes you wonder if you actually crossed into Mexico.

If you are looking for that old town, touristy feel, you can always head to Old Town San Diego. This neighbor hood is just above Little Italy and has everything from in-action ceramic-making to in-action flour tortilla making. Any one of the Mexican Restaurants here such as Old Town Cafe or Coyote Cafe is sure to fulfill your enchilada or burrito craving.

The second cuisine frequently associated with San Diego is Japanese or Asian, most commonly sushi. The highest density of Sushi restaurants can be found in Hillcrest and Downtown.

One of the most highly regarded Japanese restaurants in the area is Cafe Japengo, in La Jolla. It is a bit upscale, and combines Pacific Rim favorites with other Asian fusion styles.

Located in the Uptown area, is Kemo Sabe. Hillcrest’s artistic soul inspires beautiful and creative flavors and presentations at this Pacific Rim style restaurant.

Moving downtown, Taka Sushi, located on 5th Avenue, has taken their sushi to another level. With detailed precision, Taka Sushi creates dishes that can change the way you eat sushi forever.

Also located downtown, Nobu, in the Hard Rock Hotel, has all that you might desire from the famous New York sushi chef, Nobu Matsuhisa. Just across from the convention center, this Japanese sushi restaurant lives up to its name.