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African Tour of Tanzania and Egypt – The Right Mix of History, Wildlife and Culture on Your Trip

A trip combining Egypt and Tanzania is a perfect tour for African travel enthusiasts who are seeking the right mix to optimize their experience. If you were to make a once-in-a-life-time trip to Africa, this would be it.

Tanzania is home to some of the most interesting wildlife areas in the world today. This destination has top value game reserves and parks. As a traveler on safari, you get the perfect chance to get up close with African nature. Whichever park you opt for – Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Selous, Grumeti, Katavi, Gombe – you are not likely to regret it.

Egypt, on the eastern terminus of the Sahara desert, has her own miracles – The Nile and the ancient landmarks and signatures of ancient civilization. The Pharaohs left behind magnificent temples and pyramids. Their subjects built amazing tombs in Luxor and Abu Simbel. The Nile, rising from the remote parts of African uplands, has for thousands of years given life to Egypt by sweeping fertilizing silts down its valley, feeding Egypt.

Geting There:

Flight Connections between Egypt and Tanzania: Egypt Air and Kenya Airways are some of the regional airlines that provide the flights between these 2 countries. They flight is likely to have a stop over in Nairobi, Kenya. Other airlines like Ethiopian Airlines and Air Tanzania also serve this route.

What You will See When You Travel to Egypt and Tanzania: Tanzania, as a travel destination is renowned for its savannah wildlife. This country will offer you the opportunity to see all sorts of wildlife – some only found in Africa. You will certainly see Elephants, Lions, Buffalo, Zebra, Giraffe, Rhino and even Chimpanzee if you include that in your itinerary.

Egypt is of course a top travel destination for many. The attractions are many, varied and simply amazing. You will see the Pyramids of Giza, The Temples of Karnak, Visit the Medieval Cairo, Temple of Luxor, The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Cairo and then Cruise on the Nile.

Accommodation Options for Travelers to Egypt and Tanzania: While in Egypt, travelers will have a very wide range of accommodation options. Egypt has a variety of hotels ranging from mid-level to top luxury resorts and hotels. The top end luxury hotels in Egypt offer state-of-the-art facilities and services. You will access cafes, Jacuzzis, fitness centres, swimming pools etc. The top rated hotels are likely to be in the plush cities of Luxor and Cairo. But the other lesser cities Aswan and Sharm El Sheikh will not disappoint with their budget and mid-level range of services.

The Nile Cruise is the core of your Egypt part of your African trip. Very few tourists visit Egypt without doing the cruise. It is a great way to see Egypt’s antiquities. Depending on your style and budget, you can choose from standard to deluxe to top luxury boat. The most luxurious cabins of the boats will be large with air-conditioning, private bathroom. Most boats will have evening entertainment on board – belly dancing or a disco party.

For Tanzania, just like with Egypt and any other vacation destination, your accommodation for the safari will depend on your taste and budget. You can opt to stay in the game lodges. These are solid permanent structures consisting of private hotel-type private bandas with communal dinning and lounging areas. The alternative, if your budget is high enough, is to stay in the luxury canvas tents.

Itinerary Suggestions for the Egypt and Tanzania Trip: You can opt for generic ready-made itineraries or ask for a tailor-made program. This also depends on your style, interest and budget. A selection of ready-made itineraries are on offer from good tour operators. They offer tours that will take you to the most visited parts of Egypt and Tanzania.

Besides the privacy, tailor-made tours allow you to add your own areas of interest and include them in your program. From exciting Savannah game safaris to combination itineraries that blend a multitude of different opportunities including visit to the Bedouin camps, Red Sea to visiting the Savannah game of the plains, the beaches of Zanzibar, the chimpanzee of Mahale. It is up to you to decide.

The Best Time to Make Your Vacation Trip to Egypt and Tanzania: Tanzania is basically an all year destination. But I hasten to say that there is what would be considered the ideal, prime period to visit. Each period offers different aspects of its attractions. For example, the great wildebeest migration is seen between January and March and again between June and July. If your interest lies with the Chimpanzee of Mahale and Gombe, the best time to visit is between May and October. These are dry months. You can also see the chimps during the short rains – between January and February.

For the sake of comfort (temperatures), the best time to visit Egypt is October through May. At this time, temperatures are between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Most days will be sunny and the nights will be cool. From March to May, dust storms make it difficult to enjoy your vacation. For those considering swimming in the Mediterranean, you are advised to avoid the period between December and February. And if your big consideration is to save money, please travel during summer. It will be cheap, only that the temperatures are likely to be above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.