Putting Tips: Help With Putting

Are you looking for some golf tips that can really help with putting quickly? Let’s start with one golf tip first with the understanding that just golf tips will not make you a consistent putter. The absolute quickest way to get you help with putting is to repeat one of the putting tips that was in Golf Digest. It was from Dave Stockton, regarded as one of the best putters in golf history, to Annika Sorenstam. Now if you know Golf, you know that when Annika Sorenstam was on the Women’s Tour, she dominated that Tour for years. Annika knowing Dave Stockton’s reputation asked him for help with her putting. Although he did give her more than one tip, the putting tip he publicly admitted giving her was this:

“You do not focus your eyes on the ball when you putt. You pick a spot one inch in front of the ball that you want the ball to roll over, and that’s where you look. “

If you take this statement and analyze it, you will undoubtedly question yourself “why couldn’t I think of that”? It is such a simple putting tip to put into practice that will exponentially give you help with putting. It is so much easier to aim for a target one inch away then 5 feet or 10 feet. You do have to learn how to place the spot you aim for in the correct location.

You can visualize this with another sport, Bowling. Bowling is similar to Golf in that the motions to swing and release the ball has to be repeated over and over with the same consistency. Most people see the pins down the alley and also know there are arrows that are used for targets way in front of the pins. They are easier for people to aim at because they are closer! Did you know they also have dots right at the foul line that correlates with the arrows which are even closer and should be easier to aim for. The reason for this description is purely to express the principles involving targets and target lines to help with putting.

Well, that same principle can be applied in Golf and it is emphasized by Mr. Stockton. To form a straight target line, it is best if there are at least three points rather than two. It is known that between two points are a straight line, but the line could be crooked. However, using three points, starting point, finishing point and a third point in the middle, the line from start to finish will be more accurate using that third reference point. That being the case the first is the ball, the finishing point is the hole or the target point of the break in the putt, the third would be the point you pick one inch from your ball in line with the first two points. This is just so you understand how the basic principle works, but I would rather defer all the technical teachings to the Professional, Dave Stockton, and his advice that will help with putting.

Again, it should be understood that putting tips can offer a short term solution. You should learn the proper putting technique for a proven method to maintain long term consistency and really lower your scores.